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Judith Ulch, Medium
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Judith Ulch, a Spiritualist for more than 40 years, offers insightful readings in person or by phone. She is a sixth generation medium and healer with mediumship gifts handed down through both her maternal and paternal sides of the family.

A powerful seer, Judith's readings are humorous, down-to-Earth, and beneficial. She is serving her ninth year at Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp as a Medium and Healer, Secretary of the Board, and Office Manager. When she is not serving Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp in Wonewoc, Wisconsin, she makes her home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and spends winters in Dundee, Florida, with her soulmate, Harvey.

Judith's open, happy attitude and positive outlook on life makes her readings a joy to experience. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.

From June 1-August 29, 2014, Judith will be in Wisconsin at Wonewoc Spiritualist Camp doing readings, workshops, seances, sermons and past life regressions for the Summer.
 Camp season is from June 1-August 29, 2014.
Call 608-464-7770 to find out more about the Camp. The Camp's website is

Call Judith at 407-766-6399 to set up a private appointment or to get more information.

Arkansas Paranormal Expo

Judith will be speaking and doing readings at the Arkansas Paranormal Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas in September, 2014. Stop in and meet her, listen to her presentation, get a reading, or just browse the Expo.

Poetry Books by Judith

Poetry Books, a Perfect Gift!
by Judith Ulch
Judith Ulch

To schedule a reading with Judith, e-mail her at hobos@ipa.net or call 407-766-6399. Readings are $50 for 30 minutes or $25 for 15 minutes.
(Judith has not increased her prices in six years.)


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As the Sunflower turns its face
to the Light of the Sun;
So Spiritualism turns the face of humanity
to the Light of Truth.

Sunflower, the Symbol of Spiritualism

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